Best Choice Food Group - Providing Exceptional Food & Food Related Products for Institutional, Government Facilities and SchoolsBest Choice Food Group

Providing Exceptional Food & Food Related Products for Institutional, Government Facilities and Schools

About Best Choice Food Group

Best Choice Foods was founded in Fort Worth Texas in November of 2001. The goal was to provide exceptional products, pricing and service to our customers. We source our products from national manufacturers such as Tyson, Butterball, Cargill and many more. Our team work sets up apart from others in taking care of our customers.

Our Team

Tom Brown Oner of Best Choice Food Food GroupTom W. Brown Owner
Tom graduated from Texas A&M University and after working for 6 years with other food companies, he started Best Choice Foods.  Tom's philosophy is to work hard at providing not only quality products but also providing exceptional service.   He enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and children including biking, camping and hiking.

Holly Corbell General Manager of Best Choice Food GroupHolly Corbell General Manager
Holly has been at Best Choice since 2012. When she joined Best Choice, she brought her 15+ years of experience from the Food and Beverage Industries working in the areas of sales, sales analysis and sales marketing. Holly is responsible for the day to day operations at Best Choice. Holly enjoys volunteering, cooking and spending time with friends.

Lisa Salinas Logistics Manager Best Choice Food GroupLisa Salinas Logistics Manager
Lisa has been with Best Choice since 2005. She has worked in every area of the company from the warehouse to accounts payable to logistics. She is now in charge of all shipping, deliveries and warehouse personnel.  Lisa also sells for us part-time. Lisa is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Mark Fishman Sales Manager of Best Choice Food GroupMark Fishman Sales Manager
Mark served our country in the US Army as a Food Service Specialist for four years and graduated from Culinary School in 1982. Along with serving as a Chef at several large hotel chains, he spent over 20 years as a Food Service Manager with the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons.  Mark handles all of our Federal Correctional business and loves the art of the deal.

Mark enjoys hunting, fishing and skiing. He is married with 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Tom P. Brown Mascot of Best Choice Food GroupTom P. Brown DOG/Mascot
Tom P. Brown showed up on our doorstep as a lost skinny puppy of about 6 months old. He has captured the hearts of everyone here and is now part of our team. He is a mutt, but proud of his multi-cultural heritage. Tom Brown loves to dig in the trash, chew his bone and chase pool balls around the office.


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